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The Prevalence of Amblyopia: How Common is “Lazy Eye?”

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Board Certified in Vision Therapy: An Amazing Accomplishment by Dr. Heather Motisi

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Concussions and Blurred Vision: Why It Happens and What You Can Do

A Mother’s Quest to Help the World See the Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning

Dynamic Duo Enlists Others to Spread the Word About Vision Therapy

What to do When Eye Patching for Amblyopia Doesn’t Work

Not ADD: How One Family Overcame the Struggles of Two Children

What Opternative Eye Exams Are Missing

Optometrist’s Child With 20/20 Eyesight has...Vision Problems?

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“It Wasn’t ADD - It’s a Vision Problem.”

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Reading But Not Retaining: Why Kids Can Read But Not Remember Words

Vision Therapy Success Story: A Tale of Two Siblings

Sports Vision: How the Visual System Impacts Your Play

Studying Too Much or Not at All: How Vision Leads Behavior

The Fundamental Difference Between an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist

Misinterpreted Cats: Hope for People Suffering from Lazy Eye

Why This School District had a Lower Need for Special Education Services

The Key to Overcoming Your Functional Vision Problem

Good News for People With Lazy Eye

Seeing the 2015 Special Olympics Summer Games Differently

Good News For People With Strabismus

What’s Really Causing Your Child’s Reading Problem?

3 Reasons Vision Problems are Often Misdiagnosed as ADHD

Why Every Child Needs a Functional Vision Test Before Summer Ends

Why Baseline Concussion Testing is Critical for Every Child Athlete

New Concussion Testing Starts With Visual System to Boost Efficiency

Vision Therapy Success - From Hating Reading to Loving It

3 Ways Vision Can Make Learning After a Concussion a Nightmare

Part 2: Why an Ad Stating “Vision Therapy Doesn’t Work” is Wrong

Are Hidden Vision Problems Holding You Back in Sports?

Young Girl With an Eye Turn Becomes Another Vision Therapy Success

How Vision Therapy Improved Her Concussion Symptoms

Why a Summer Eye Exam is Crucial for Every Child

Why an Ad Stating “Vision Therapy Doesn’t Work” is Wrong

When Vision Problems are Misdiagnosed as ADHD

How Poor Eye Movements Can Create Learning Problems

3 Treatable Vision Problems That Mimic Dyslexia Symptoms

The Pain of Watching 3D Movies With a Lazy Eye

5 Simple Ways to Overcome Vision Issues in the Workplace

Occupational Therapists - Identifying Patients With Treatable Vision Problems

Huffington Post: She Never Realized her Daughter had a Lazy Eye

How a Girl’s Reading Problems Led to a Vision Therapy Success Story

What Are the Types of Strabismus?

Could a Video Game be the Next Best Lazy Eye Treatment?

Does Vision Therapy Help With Vision Problems From Head Injuries?

Ten Tips To Ease Eyestrain

Resolve to See 2015 Better With a Functional Vision Test

She Didn’t Realize How Much She Needed Vision Therapy

How “The Hidden Disability” Causes Learning Difficulties

Study Shows In-School Services Insufficient for ADHD

95 Vision-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for You and Your Family

His Trouble Reading Ended Up Being a Vision Problem

Injury in Older People With Strabismus 27 Percent More Likely

Why New Brain Rewiring Study Should Excite Amblyopia Patients

What is Convergence Insufficiency and How is it Treated?

A Surprising Reason for Your Child’s New Learning Problems

The Con Man and the Strabismus Surgery Scam

Lazy Eye Overlooked Because Only 25% of Children Visit Optometrist?

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Too Much Homework Wasn’t the Cause of His Struggles in School

Seven Reasons Why Parents Are Stressed About Strabismus

One Way to Help Teachers Understand Why Their Students Are Struggling

The Most Important Summertime Activity for a Struggling Student

Three Examples of How Vision Problems are Mistaken for ADHD

Learning and Amblyopia: Feeling Confused vs. Feeling Frustrated

Spotting a Functional Vision Problem Over the Summer

Alarming Statistics About Eye Injuries from Fireworks

Four Reasons Why People with Special Needs Require Special Vision Care

New Website To Improve Understanding of Functional Vision Problems

Summer Break Not Always an Escape for Struggling Students

Why Amblyopia Patching and Computer Game are Failing to Succeed

Eye Doctors Should Work Together to Decide on Strabismus Surgery

Infantile Strabismus Leads to Vision Therapy - and Results

Six Ways to Keep Eyes Healthy During Healthy Vision Month

Welcome to the Recently Remodeled Vision Therapy Center

Seven Types of Functional Vision Problems and Their Symptoms

Why a Summer Eye Exam is so Critical for a Struggling Student

Vision Therapy and Syntonics Help Patient Recover from Brain Injury

New Research Regarding Lazy Eye Treatment Ignores Vision Therapy

Teachers Thought He Wasn’t Paying Attention in Class

Teachers Surprised by Impact of the “Hidden Learning Disability”

Reducing Computer Eye Strain Becoming a Financial Priority for Businesses

Does Smartphone Usage Affect a Child’s Functional Vision?

Vision Therapy Success Strikes Twice

Basketball Shows Us How to Treat a Lazy Eye

Are You to Blame for Your Child’s Functional Vision Problem?

Are Your Techie Children In Danger of Developing Computer Vision Syndrome?

Does Hollywood Make Being Cross-Eyed a Stigma?

Tips for Scheduling Your Child’s At-Home Vision Therapy Activities

Vision Therapy Helps Andrew Overcome His Convergence Insufficiency

How a Basic Eye Test Can Miss a Vision Problem

Christmas Wish List from The Vision Therapy Center

Optometry Student Shares Her Reaction to Vision Therapy

Could Pushing Children in School Have a Negative Effect on Visual Development?

Vision Therapy for Convergence Insufficiency Proves Highly Effective

How Functional Vision Problems Affect Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Help Us with Our Big, Bold, Audacious Vision Therapy Project

2013 Vision-Friendly Gift List Includes 96 Toys and Games

Fellowship Another Accolade for Wisconsin Developmental Optometrist Dr. Brandon Begotka

Vision Therapy Community Rises Up and Responds to Article

Vision Therapy Activity Helps with “Problems Focusing Eyes”

Tasha Writes About Her Own Vision Therapy Success

Discovery of Daughter’s Lazy Eye a Surprise for Family

He Never Read a Book Until Frustrated Mom Found a Solution

VIDEO: Help! My Child is Suddenly Struggling at School

Her Symptoms of Dyslexia Turned Out to be a Vision Problem

Jeopardy Misspelling Painful Reminder of Spelling Problems in Children

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Morgan’s Vision Therapy Success Story: She Wouldn’t Give Up!

The Vision Therapy Center Hosting an Organization Workshop for Students

The World Is Asking for Help With Their Vision Problems

Why Back-to-School Doesn’t Have to Mean Back-to-Struggling

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Make This Woman Aware of Vision Therapy as a Strabismus Treatment

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The Fastest Way to Overcome a Vision Problem

VIDEO: Parents Describe how Vision Therapy Helped Their Daughter

VIDEO: How Vision Therapy Helped Both My Daughters

The Boy Who Couldn’t Remember His Numbers

From “Seeing Blobs” to Straight A Grades with Vision Therapy

Don’t Repeat a Grade Until Functional Vision Problems Considered

New Video: An Introduction to Vision Therapy

Quality of Life Declines After Failed Strabismus Surgery

How Are Performance Lens Different than Regular Eyeglasses?

Double Trouble – Why a Family Pursued Vision Therapy For Both Daughters

New Video - How Vision Can Affect Different Subjects in School

The Vision Therapy Center Visits Japan

The Journey Continues - Special Pictures from the Special Olympics

Seoul Sisters: A Special Olympics Update

The Last Kid to Learn the Alphabet

Dr. Kellye Knueppel Heads to Special Olympics World Winter Games

Amblyopia Treatment for Adults – Is It Possible?

New Learning-Related Vision Problems Video with Dr. Kellye Knueppel

2013 New Year’s “Vision” Resolutions for Parents and Teachers

“He No Longer Struggles” - Isaac’s Vision Therapy Success Story

Do NFL Officials Need a Functional Vision Test?

Domestic and International Referral Sources for Vision Therapy

What To Do After the Bad News at Parent-Teacher Conferences

81 Vision-Friendly Gifts for Kids

Do Kids Need a “Drunk Reading” Test for School?

How Brain Injuries Affect the Visual System

The Vision Therapy Center’s Doctors Receive High Honors from WOA

Teacher Warning: Significant Learning Problems in 30 Days

Computer Vision Syndrome Becomes an Unintended Consequence

Will Your Child Encounter Problems with Spelling This Year?

“It’s Amazing the Things That Can Be Done with Vision Therapy”

Why it Doesn’t Have to be All-or-Nothing with Vision Therapy

Four Examples of How Undetected Vision Problems Affect Driving

Playing Catch: Why It Helps Us Detect Vision Problems

Now I Can Answer “Can You Fix a Lazy Eye?”

Could Vision Problems Be Part of Packer Coach’s Problem with Reading?

COVD: The Vision Problems Mythbusters

A Child Who Hates School Must Do This During the Summer

Is My Big Screen TV Giving Me Vision Problems?

Wisconsin Shows Support for National Children's Vision and Learning Month

Seven Reasons Why It’s Important to Schedule a Vision Test Before School

Five Common Problems with Vision Screening Tests

She Struggled in Math – Another Reason for Vision and Learning Month

Great Quotes and Stats on How Vision Problems Can Interfere with Learning

3D for the First Time and Other Top 20 Vision Therapy Tweets

5 Ways Teachers Are Reducing Computer Eye Strain

5 Ways a Problem in Reading Might be Caused by Vision Issues

Vision Problems are Growing...and other top 20 Vision Links

The Vision Therapy Center Nearly Sets an Olympic Record

5 Ways Vision Problems Can Manifest During Little League

Vision Problems Pervasive Among Youth Offenders - Top 20 Vision Links

Three Keys to Effective Strabismus Treatment

Opthalmologist vs. Optometrist: Confusion Beyond the Spelling (part 2)

Opthalmologist vs Optometrist: Confusion Beyond the Spelling (part 1)

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Glasses that Record Your Life and Other Top Tweets

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Three Ways Visualization Helps Overcome Writing Problems in Children

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15 Things About Lazy Eye in Children that Surprise Parents

Correcting Strabismus Requires Understanding Key Fact

The Vision Therapy Center Will Not Be Friends with James Cameron Anymore

12 Ways You Can Provide Help For Struggling Readers

The Vision Therapy Center Makes an Olympic Effort

Spelling Difficulties in Children Caused by Vision Problems

Do We Harm Our Children by Ignoring Harmon and the Slant Board?

Four Answers for Parents Wondering How to Fix Lazy Eye

Difficulties with Writing Could Be Vision Problem – Part 2

Difficulties With Writing Could Be Vision Problem – Part 1

The Snellen Chart Can Help in the Detection of Amblyopia

Why Visualization Provides Help for Struggling Readers

Five Ways to Use Visualization to Help Children Struggling to Read

Four Reasons Why Children Struggling In School Need a Vision Test

Do You Know the Root Cause of Lazy Eye? Video

Why Would Gifted Children Hate School?

Is There a Lazy Eye Test?

Four Ways to Provide Help for Struggling Readers

How Would Abe Lincoln Handle His Vision Problem Today?

Three Causes of Tracking Problems in Reading

Beyond 20/20: Four Vision Problems Often Overlooked

Which “Lazy Eye Therapy” Should you Choose?

What the Snellen Chart Misses

Why Vision Therapy For Children Could Revolutionize Education

More to Vision Therapy Than Meets the Eye

Three Realistic Ways to Avoid Computer Eye Strain

Dr. Kellye Knueppel Interviewed About Computer Eye Strain

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Vision Therapy for Lazy Eye

Nike Sports Glasses One Part of Improving Sports Vision

Four Reasons Why Parents Don’t Take Their Kids in for a Vision Test

Surprise, Surprise: Vision Problems of Gifted Children (Part 2)

Surprise, Surprise: Vision Problems of Gifted Children (Part 1)

An Unexpected Reason Why Your Child’s Eyes Hurt

Why Does Vision Therapy Work for a Lazy Eye?

Can Vision Problems be Prevented by Playing with a Box?

Can You Fix a Lazy Eye?

Using Your iPhone as a Babysitter can Lead to Vision Problems

Watch Out: Vision Problems Missed by the Snellen Chart

New Report on How to Fix a Lazy Eye

Saving Grace: Another Vision Therapy Success Story

Warning: Five Things Your Child Must Do to Avoid Computer Eye Strain

Who (or What) to Blame if Your Child Hates School

Does Vision Therapy Work?

Similar Symptoms Between ADHD and Vision Problems

Four Reasons Why You Should NOT Operate First for Strabismus in Children

What’s the Difference Between Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist?

Do video games really help lazy eye?

65 Children's Gifts that Help Avoid Vision Problems

Vision Therapy Can Help Autistic Children and Adults

Recent Math Study Overlooks Vision Problems

Can Vision Therapy Help Stroke Victims with Double Vision?

Our Wisconsin Vision for Education: Solve Vision Problems

Five Reasons to Visit the Madison Vision Therapy Center

Handwriting Clues Reveal Need for Vision Therapy for Children

10 Examples of How Vision and Learning Are Tightly Linked

How Do We Let the World Know About Vision Therapy?

Stop Calling it a Lazy Eye!

New Report “Lazy Eye: Understanding and Treating Amblyopia”

How Vision Therapy Helped an Autistic Adult

Animal Vision Provides Insight into Vision Therapy

How Vision Therapy Helps Eye Teaming

Does a Vision Problem Prevent Your Child from Seeing in 3D?

A Vision Problem Leads Doctor to Career in Vision Therapy

Head movements could signal a vision problem

How Developmental Glasses Help with Vision Problems

Does a word reverser always have Dyslexia?

Should you be concerned about a cross-eyed baby?

Nine Possible Outcomes from Vision Therapy

Essential Classroom Modifications for a Child with Vision Problems

Twelve “Stress Points” that Trigger Symptoms of Vision Problems

Statistics on the Connections Between Vision and Learning

Five Reasons Why James Cameron Should Champion Vision Therapy

Why Rubbing Eyes Is a Sign of Student’s Vision Problems

Too Good to Be True: Video Games Improve Lazy Eye

Landmark Research on Convergence Insufficiency

How Can Teachers Detect These Vision Problems in School?

Is It Normal for a Child to Have School Problems this Early?

Computer Eye Strain Similar to Problems from Reading Books

Three Ways to Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

How Vision Problems Can Affect Reading, Spelling and Writing

Students Will Complain “Eyes Hurt” with New School Year

Four Reasons Why Teachers Need to Ask, “What is Vision Therapy?”

Can Vision Therapy Lead to Improved Math Scores?

Tremendous compilation on the efficacy of vision therapy

Parents Need to Watch for 8 Warning Signs of Vision Problems

Warning: What Happens if You Miss a Back-to-School Vision Test

How do You Treat Convergence Insufficiency?

Free Poster Provides Tips on Avoiding Computer Eye Strain

Heavy Usage Doesn’t Always Mean Computer Vision Syndrome

Videos Showcase Vision Therapy Success

How Vision Problems Affect a Football Player

Three Reasons Why Kids Need Vision Test Before School Starts

COVD Videos Provide Hope for People with Vision Problems

Making Sure Your Vision Test Covers All the Bases (Part 3)

Making Sure Your Vision Test Covers All the Bases (Part 2)

Making Sure Your Vision Test Covers All the Bases

Why Sneaky Convergence Insufficiency is So Difficult to Detect

Strabismus in Adults and Children (Part 4: Treatment)

Strabismus in Adults and Children (Part 3 - Research)

Encountering Significant Vision Problems at Special Olympics (Part 3)

Encountering Significant Vision Problems at Special Olympics (Part 2)

Encountering Significant Vision Problems at Special Olympics (Part 1)

How Can a Parent Spot a Lazy Eye?

29 Signs Your Child Has an Undetected Vision Problem

If your child has a learning problem, don’t be this guy

What it Takes to Overcome a Reading Difficulty

A non-invasive solution to double vision

Six Causes of School Problems in Children (Part 2)

Six Causes of Children’s School Problems (Part 1)

Is a Functional Vision Test Part of your Benefit Package?

Vision Therapy Helps Fix Lazy Eye

What to do if your child says “I hate school!”

School Problems Can Result Even With 20/20 Vision

Why the Snellen Chart Fails with Certain Vision Problems

What is Vision Therapy?

Solution to Reading Difficulty Surprises Educator

In Tough Budgetary Times, is Vision Therapy for Children an Answer?

Amblyopia Definition: Your Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

Understanding Health Insurance and Vision Therapy

If You’ll Pay for Braces, Why Won’t You Pay for Vision Therapy?

Tell Your Employer You Want Vision Therapy Coverage

Seven Ways to Pay for Vision Therapy

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Strabismus in adults and children (Part 1 - Definition)

Three Misconceptions about “Lazy Eyes”

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My Child’s Learning Problems are Caused by WHAT? (Part 3)

The Vision Therapy Center Helps at Special Olympics in Oshkosh

Encouraging Research Concerning Lazy Eye in Children

Why Double Vision Occurs

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A Surprising Reason Why Children Have Difficulty Reading

Children with Writing Difficulties May Not Have Learning Problems

Rubbing eyes and "eyes hurt" could be signs of vision problems

Amblyopia in Children of All Ages Can Be Treated - Part 2

Amblyopia in Children of All Ages Can Be Treated - Part 1

My Child's Learning Problems are caused by WHAT? (Part 2)

Could this haircut lead to problems in school?

Problems in School can be Solved With Vision Therapy

Could 3D movies and games help us spot vision problems?

My Child's Learning Problems are caused by WHAT? (Part 1)

College...and Then Some: Another Vision Therapy Success Story

Eight Ways Your Kids Can Avoid Computer-Related Vision Problems

Could 249,809 Students in Wisconsin Have Vision Problems?

How Vision Problems Affect Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Vision Therapy Helps High Schooler

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Vision Therapy Needs a Revolution of Its Own

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