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End the Homework Horrors: Visual Secrets to Help Kids Succeed in School

To solve the nightly homework struggles of her children, Dr. Brenda Montecalvo decided to use her knowledge as a developmental optometrist to find a solution. The results were three highly successful kids—and now a book that's available to help other parents have similar success.

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Topics: Vision and Learning, Visual Skills, Vision and Reading

The Last Kid to Learn the Alphabet

Meet Synara, whose son Daniel's struggles in school included being the last one in his class to learn the alphabet.  Through vision therapy, Daniel and his family experienced an amazing transformation, both with his academic work and his personality.

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Topics: Success Stories, Learning-Related Vision Problems, Vision and Reading

Landmark Research on Convergence Insufficiency

We’ve covered why convergence insufficiency is so difficult to detect, and we’ve also touched on treatments.  Now we’d like to make you aware of a landmark study, and let you know why it’s so important in the treatment of convergence insufficiency.

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Topics: Vision Therapy, Convergence Insufficiency, Vision and Reading