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Reading Specialist Discovers Why Her Child was Struggling in School

There’s a reason why functional vision problems are called “the hidden disability.” It’s because so many parents, physicians and educators aren’t aware of them. In this case, a reading specialist discovered her daughter had a vision problem, and the subsequent treatment was an eye-opening experience.

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Vision Therapy Success - From Hating Reading to Loving It

Anna Nelson was in 7th grade when she realized her vision wasn’t as clear as it used to be. Her optometrist said everything was fine, but for Anna, the everyday struggles were very real.

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Three Causes of Tracking Problems in Reading

Tracking problems in reading can cause significant learning issues with people of any age.  My daughter had a convergence insufficiency, and her inability to effectively track the print on a page made reading an onerous chore for her.  But eye movements aren’t always the issue when it comes to tracking problems in reading.

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