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Sports Vision: How the Visual System Impacts Your Play

While we typically focus our blog posts on examining functional vision’s impact on academics, it also influences our performance in sports. Here are examples of how it affects three of the most popular sports in America: Baseball, football and basketball.

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Topics: Sports and Vision, Vision Therapy, Visual Skills

Are Hidden Vision Problems Holding You Back in Sports?

As summer approaches, so does a student athlete’s off-season conditioning. While coaches tend to emphasize weightlifting and sprints, addressing hidden vision problems could be another way to up your game.

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Topics: Sports and Vision, Visual Skills, Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

How Vision Problems Affect a Football Player

Football is in the air, and players are practicing hard to get any type of edge they can over the competition.  One area they may be overlooking is their vision - especially the impact vision problems can have on their game.

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Topics: Sports and Vision, Functional Vision Problems, Visual System