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Vision Therapist Brian Delfosse Celebrates 20 Years at The Vision Therapy Center

For senior vision therapist Brian Delfosse, January marks 20 years of service here at The Vision Therapy Center. In honor of his anniversary, we asked him to talk about his experience as a vision therapist.

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2020 Gift List: 131 Vision-Friendly, Age-Appropriate Toys

To help parents pick out the toys that will enhance a child’s visual development, we’re offering up our 2020 list of 131 optometrist-approved children’s toys!  This year we’ve labeled the toys with age-appropriate designations.

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What was the Real Reason Rosie had Trouble Understanding What She Read?

Rosie, an eighth grader, had always been a hardworking student. But as she got older, schoolwork got more difficult – and the main issue seemed to be reading.

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Computer Vision Syndrome: Symptoms AND Remedies for Digital Eye Strain

People of all ages are experiencing a rise in vision problems. Why? The increased use of computers, smartphones, and other digital devices has brought added strain to our visual systems.

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From Barely Reading to Class Valedictorian: How Vision Therapy Changed Ethan’s Life

As a child, Ethan was curious, warmhearted, and obviously bright. But when it came to reading, he struggled. And though he excelled in areas like math, science and listening comprehension, Ethan remembers that by third grade he could “barely read or spell.”

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Teaching at Home: Visual Tips to Help Kids Learn More Effectively

COVID-19 has brought change—and challenges—to education. The Vision Therapy Center wants to help.

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End the Homework Horrors: Visual Secrets to Help Kids Succeed in School

To solve the nightly homework struggles of her children, Dr. Brenda Montecalvo decided to use her knowledge as a developmental optometrist to find a solution. The results were three highly successful kids—and now a book that's available to help other parents have similar success.

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The Vision Therapy Center’s Policies to Minimize the Spread of COVID-19

In an effort to do our part to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we want to make you aware of steps we’re taking at our clinic to protect our clients and staff.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping us implement these policies.

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Reading Specialist Discovers Why Her Child was Struggling in School

There’s a reason why functional vision problems are called “the hidden disability.” It’s because so many parents, physicians and educators aren’t aware of them. In this case, a reading specialist discovered her daughter had a vision problem, and the subsequent treatment was an eye-opening experience.

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Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author Uses ADHD as His Superpower

Nearly 10% of children have ADHD according to the Centers for Disease Control. What happens when these kids become adults? Peter Shankman says ADHD can be their “superpower”—if they learn how to use it.

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