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The Madison Reading Project: Improving Children’s Literacy in Wisconsin One Book at a Time


Vision therapy helps children read to their full potential.  But even with their reading abilities improved, many lack simple access to books.  The Madison Reading Project is working to ensure that when kids are ready to read, there is a book waiting for them.

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The Surprising Reason Why You Suffer From Motion Sickness


Motion sickness is both an unpleasant and a misunderstood condition. Many people who experience it don’t know why the body reacts the way it does, or that its root cause may actually be a functional vision problem.

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39 Tips on How to Limit Screen Time During Screen-Free Week and Beyond


Excessive screen time poses a legitimate threat to a child’s visual health, school performance, and overall behavior. That’s why figuring out how to limit screen time is so important. Check out our 39 tips to make it happen as we promote Screen-Free Week 2018.

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Why Do My Eyes Hurt?

“Why do my eyes hurt?” It’s a question we’re asked time and time again. The cause for eye pain can be attributed to a number of different reasons, but one that often goes undetected is a functional vision problem.

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Strabismus vs Amblyopia: The Difference Between Crossed Eye and Lazy Eye

Understanding the difference between strabismus and amblyopia can be confusing, as the two functional vision problems share some similar characteristics.  We produced a side-by-side comparison, including what to do if you think you’re suffering from either issue (or both)!

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Topics: Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

Computer Eye Strain: How Teachers and Students Can Reduce Eye Strain From Computer Use

As more and more schoolwork is being performed online and with mobile devices, parents and teachers are continuing to search for new ways to reduce eye strain from computer use.  We’ve compiled a number of tips for students, parents and teachers to help reduce computer eye strain.

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It’s Never Too Late: How an Adult Patient Overcame a Lifetime of Vision Problems

It’s common for us to see adult patients like Barbara Federlin, who have suffered through a lifetime of vision problems and are at wit’s end. Her story, and her success, is an inspiring message to all that it’s never too late to overcome a functional vision problem.

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Seeing Double: The Causes of Double Vision

Seeing double is no picnic and, in some cases, it can be quite scary.  Once you understand the root causes of double vision, however, you can work with an eye care professional to find an appropriate treatment.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Second Opinion for a Struggling Student

If your child is struggling in school, you may have been told “nothing is wrong.”  However, the issue may be an undetected functional vision problem. This post details five reasons when getting a second opinion may help you find this often-overlooked issue.

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Reading Specialist Discovers Why Her Child Was Struggling in School

There’s a reason why functional vision problems are called “the hidden disability.” It’s because so many parents, physicians and educators aren’t aware of them. In this case, a reading specialist discovered her daughter had a vision problem, and the subsequent treatment was an eye-opening experience.

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