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The Surprising Reason Why You Suffer From Motion Sickness


Motion sickness is both an unpleasant and a misunderstood condition. Many people who experience it don’t know why the body reacts the way it does, or that its root cause may actually be a functional vision problem.

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Why Do My Eyes Hurt?

“Why do my eyes hurt?” It’s a question we’re asked time and time again. The cause for eye pain can be attributed to a number of different reasons, but one that often goes undetected is a functional vision problem.

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It’s Never Too Late: How an Adult Patient Overcame a Lifetime of Vision Problems

It’s common for us to see adult patients like Barbara Federlin, who have suffered through a lifetime of vision problems and are at wit’s end. Her story, and her success, is an inspiring message to all that it’s never too late to overcome a functional vision problem.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Second Opinion for a Struggling Student

If your child is struggling in school, you may have been told “nothing is wrong.”  However, the issue may be an undetected functional vision problem. This post details five reasons when getting a second opinion may help you find this often-overlooked issue.

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“It Wasn’t ADD - It’s a Vision Problem.”

When you read about Kendyl Hughes, you have to scratch your head and wonder why.  Why do we always look to medicate a child at the first sign of Attention Deficit Disorder? As Kendyl and his vision therapy success prove, vision issues should be considered first.

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Does Santa Know About the Impact of Computer Vision Syndrome?

As the gift-giving season is upon us, it’s nearly impossible to select a gift that doesn’t have a digital screen. However, with Computer Vision Syndrome affecting more and more people, it’s up to us to give wisely to our children - especially to those who currently have functional vision problems.

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Reading But Not Retaining: Why Kids Can Read But Not Remember Words

Reading processing problems are difficult for parents to wrap their heads around. If your child can read a word, why can’t he or she remember what it means? The truth is, you do the same thing. Maybe every day.

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Why This School District had a Lower Need for Special Education Services

Sometimes you run across a statistic that is so compelling that you feel like running through your neighborhood, grabbing people by the shoulders, and screaming, “Look at this!” The post about special education services and screening for learning-related vision problems is a perfect example.

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The Key to Overcoming Your Functional Vision Problem

When it comes to any health problem, it's the symptoms that facilitate resolution. Symptoms are like a road map, steering us toward effective solutions. Sometimes these symptoms are quite clear – they tell us with no uncertainty what is ailing. Other times our symptoms can be far more ambiguous. With functional vision problems, this kind of ambiguity is common -- its symptoms are routinely misinterpreted, leading to misdiagnosis.

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Seeing the 2015 Special Olympics Summer Games Differently

This summer, 6,500 athletes from 165 countries came together in Los Angeles for the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games. As part of a team of five invited international volunteers, Dr. Kellye Knueppel worked aside hundreds of local optometrists and optometry students, performing over 2,000 vision assessments over the course of seven days.

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