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Lucas’s Family Finds Vision Therapy is the Answer After Eight Years of Struggles

Kelly Gozdziewski will never forget the words spoken by her son, Lucas, after he received new prism glasses. Lucas had been putting the glasses on and then taking them off, when he stopped and looked at his mother.

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It’s Never Too Late: How an Adult Patient Overcame a Lifetime of Vision Problems

It’s common for us to see adult patients like Barbara Federlin, who have suffered through a lifetime of vision problems and are at wit’s end. Her story, and her success, is an inspiring message to all that it’s never too late to overcome a functional vision problem.

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Reading Specialist Discovers Why Her Child Was Struggling in School

There’s a reason why functional vision problems are called “the hidden disability.” It’s because so many parents, physicians and educators aren’t aware of them. In this case, a reading specialist discovered her daughter had a vision problem, and the subsequent treatment was an eye-opening experience.

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Vision Therapy Success: Recovering After 3 Years of Vertigo

It was three years ago that Kay Saemann took a bad fall off a horse. The fall was followed by three years of vertigo, dizziness and nearly losing her job. But Kay has recovered, thanks to vision therapy.

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A Mother’s Quest to Help the World See the Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning

Wendy Rosen’s book, The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning, is more than a book.  It’s part of a relentless quest to educate and ultimately open eyes to an issue with far-reaching societal implications.

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What to do When Eye Patching for Amblyopia Doesn’t Work

What do you do when eye patching for amblyopia doesn’t work?  For Lydia and her family, the solution was vision therapy.  By retraining her eyes to work together, Lydia overcame amblyopia and a number of other functional vision issues.

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Not ADD: How One Family Overcame the Struggles of Two Children

Dealing with a child’s functional vision problem and how it affects their school and play is difficult enough. It’s twice as stressful when you have two children with a problem. The Kugler family showed us they could do it, questioning an initial ADD diagnosis and using vision therapy to overcome their sons’ difficulties in school.

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Optometrist’s Child With 20/20 Eyesight has...Vision Problems?

Even if you have 20/20 vision -- heck, even if you’re the son of an optometrist -- you can still suffer from undetected vision problems. Discover how Luca’s undetected vision problem caused him to struggle in school, and what happened to turn his life around.

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Road to Recovery: From Traumatic Brain Injury to Healthy Vision

After a nearly fatal motorcycle injury and subsequent brain surgeries, Celeste Glover’s visual system was dramatically affected. Her recovery through vision therapy serves as an example of how the brain, eyes and visual pathways all work together.

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How Natalie Overcame Convergence Insufficiency (VIDEO)

Natalie Anderson loved to play music - except there was one problem. The written music kept jumping around on the page. It was just one symptom of her functional vision problem, and it led her to The Vision Therapy Center.

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