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What to do When Eye Patching for Amblyopia Doesn’t Work

What do you do when eye patching for amblyopia doesn’t work?  For Lydia and her family, the solution was vision therapy.  By retraining her eyes to work together, Lydia overcame amblyopia and a number of other functional vision issues.

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Vision Therapy Success Story: How Mitchell Overcame Amblyopia


We recently spoke with Mitchell Schaefer, a vision therapy graduate. In this interview, we discuss how amblyopia affected him, and the impact vision therapy had on his life.

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Discovery of Daughter’s Lazy Eye a Surprise for Family

Why is it that so many kids with vision problems don’t get treatment? In cases of amblyopia, it’s often because the kids don’t even realize they have a vision problem.  For Maya’s family, the discovery that their daughter had ‘lazy eye’ was a huge surprise.

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