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Occupational Therapists - Identifying Patients With Treatable Vision Problems

If you’re an occupational therapist, you’ve probably seen a case in which vision seems to negatively impact your patient’s progress. You know there is a vision problem, but you may not know what specifically isn’t working well.

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Huffington Post: She Never Realized her Daughter had a Lazy Eye

What prompted a mother to write this Huffington Post article stating she “failed” her daughter? She never took her daughter for eye exams, and therefore never realized that her vision was being crippled by amblyopia. Now, she’s encouraging other parents to learn from her mistake.

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Topics: Vision Therapy, Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

How a Girl’s Reading Problems Led to a Vision Therapy Success Story

Life was incredibly frustrating for 9-year-old Julia Feit and her mother Laura. Julia had been struggling in school, especially with reading, and nothing seemed to help. But as it turned out, Julia didn’t have a learning problem - she had a vision problem.

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Topics: Success Stories, Functional Vision Problems, Convergence Insufficiency, Strabismus (Crossed Eyes), Success Stories - CI

What Are the Types of Strabismus?



If you’re just learning about strabismus, or an eye turn, you may be confused about exactly what it is. In fact, there are many variations of strabismus defined by a number of factors. Ultimately, the nature of the eye turn dictates the approach we take with vision therapy.

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Topics: Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

Could a Video Game be the Next Best Lazy Eye Treatment?

We keep an eye on new computer games designed to help treat patients with lazy eye. We’ve seen a lot of attempts, but none have aligned with a true developmental optometry approach to amblyopia - until now.

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Topics: Vision Therapy, Functional Vision Test, Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Does Vision Therapy Help With Vision Problems From Head Injuries?

People often refer to “seeing stars” after a blow to the head, so it’s surprising how often the visual system is overlooked with acquired brain injuries. What can you do to help improve your vision after a head trauma?  Vision therapy could be your answer.

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Topics: Vision Therapy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussions

Ten Tips To Ease Eyestrain

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Topics: Functional Vision Problems, Computer Vision Syndrome

She Didn’t Realize How Much She Needed Vision Therapy

Thirteen-year-old Chalen didn’t think she had a vision problem, despite having a severe case of strabismus. Six months of vision therapy later, she discovered not only how debilitating her eye turn had been, but also how much therapy helped.

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Topics: Success Stories, Vision Therapy, Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

How “The Hidden Disability” Causes Learning Difficulties

One in four children experience vision problems that are often misdiagnosed as other common learning difficulties. Discover why these issues are referred to as “the hidden disability,” and parents and educators know so little about them.

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Topics: Symptoms of Dyslexia, Vision Therapy, Functional Vision Problems

Study Shows In-School Services Insufficient for ADHD

A recent study has researchers calling for improved in-school services for students with ADHD. But what if the problem isn’t ADHD in the first place? What if a child’s behavioral and academic problems are actually a vision problem?

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Topics: Functional Vision Problems, ADD - ADHD