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My New Eyes - A Vision Therapy Success Story from Ben

This is an essay written by Ben Westerman, a graduate of The Vision Therapy Center. Read this and you’ll really understand what it’s like to have a functional vision problem. Please, share this with your friends.  Congratulations to Ben on an amazing achievement!

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Our Top 10 Blog Posts About Amblyopia

We’ve written quite a bit about amblyopia, or lazy eye, over the last several years. In the course of blogging repeatedly on the topic, we’ve created some exceptional posts that have generated a lot of traffic. Here are our top 10 posts in terms of website views and social media shares.

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Grades a Focus of International Children’s Vision and Learning Month

Every parent fears a report card filled with bad grades.  It’s why we push our kids to study harder, work longer, and put in a ton of effort to improve their scores. So why don’t we reciprocate and make sure functional vision problems aren’t the source of bad grades?

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Topics: Learning-Related Vision Problems, Functional Vision Problems, International Children's Vision and Learning Month

Too Much Homework Wasn’t the Cause of His Struggles in School

Meet Nicholas. In second grade, he was spending 2-3 hours on homework.  But surprisingly enough to his mother, it wasn’t a case of too much homework - it was convergence insufficiency.  In this success story video, she describes her son’s incredible turnaround as a result of vision therapy.  

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Seven Reasons Why Parents Are Stressed About Strabismus

Besides the cosmetic appearance, there are a number of other reasons why parents become stressed about strabismus. Let’s take a closer look the typical short-term and long-term issues involving strabismus, as well as how you can help your child overcome the problem.

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Topics: Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

Alarming Statistics About Eye Injuries from Fireworks

Sometimes I think we've become immune to statistics. Every day we’re bombarded with so many stats that I think we tend to gloss over them.  That’s how I felt about the statistic “12 percent of fireworks-related injuries involve the eyes.”

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Topics: Eye Safety

Four Reasons Why People with Special Needs Require Special Vision Care

The Vision Therapy Center’s recent volunteer efforts at another Wisconsin Special Olympics games highlights the importance of detecting vision problems among people with special needs.  Here are five facts about how this population is affected by functional vision problems.

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New Website To Improve Understanding of Functional Vision Problems


When we redesigned our website, we decided to devote the home page to describing “functional vision problems.” We think the addition of the word “functional” can help people distinguish the types of vision problems that exist, and open the door to understanding vision therapy.

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Summer Break Not Always an Escape for Struggling Students

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Why Amblyopia Patching and Computer Game are Failing to Succeed


We’ve kept a close eye on the use of computer games to help treat amblyopia, or lazy eye, as it’s commonly called.  A company that builds these games recently went bankrupt. The reason appears to be tied less to a poor business model and more to a lack of understanding the short and long-term outcomes of amblyopia treatment.

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