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Seven Types of Functional Vision Problems and Their Symptoms


We’ve posted many times about functional vision problems, but it occurred to us that we haven’t put together a definitive post of the main problems and their symptoms.  Let’s take an in-depth look, and also explain why they’re not detected by typical vision screenings.

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Could Pushing Children in School Have a Negative Effect on Visual Development?

A report on the high rate of Myopia among Asian schoolchildren produced a surprising conclusion:  Researchers believe the cause may be too much time spent indoors.  Ultimately, we think it may be a consequence of pushing reading and writing before a child’s visual system is adequately developed.  

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Vision Therapy Activity Helps with “Problems Focusing Eyes”


Focusing issues, or accommodation, is more than a case of “having the problem of focusing your eyes.”  As is many of the vision problems we encounter at The Vision Therapy Center, these are issues that affect the entire visual system.  In this video, we’ll focus on an activity that helps people overcome problems with their focusing system.

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How Vision Problems Affect a Football Player

Football is in the air, and players are practicing hard to get any type of edge they can over the competition.  One area they may be overlooking is their vision - especially the impact vision problems can have on their game.

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Why the Snellen Chart Fails with Certain Vision Problems

You’re probably familiar with the eye chart used by most schools for vision screenings.  It’s called the Snellen chart, and despite its widespread usage, it tends to miss significant vision problems.

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