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Meet the Doctors, Therapists and Staff of The Vision Therapy Center 

Meet the staff of The Vision Therapy Center

This is a unique set of individuals that share a common trait:  All are driven to help improve the vision of their patients. 

It’s a drive that comes from experience.  Each can tell you countless stories of how their work here has dramatically improved the lives of their patients and families.  Each has felt the joy of watching a child transform from a resistant reader to a happy student.  And everyday, each of them uses that passion and commitment to help you and your children.

Our Doctors: Experts in Developmental Optometry

Dr. Kellye Knueppel


Kellye Knueppel, OD, FCOVD has dedicated herself to helping adults and children overcome their visual problems since opening The Vision Therapy Center in 1995. 

On why she pursued a career in optometry and vision therapy: "When I first studied vision therapy during my training as an optometrist, I realized that this was more than simply a specialty. After seeing the tremendous improvement vision therapy made in the lives of children, I committed myself to helping patients young and old overcome the relatively unknown effects of poor vision, often referred to as the 'hidden disability'."

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Dr. Heather Motisi


Heather Motisi, OD, FCOVD, has been with The Vision Therapy Center since 2012. 

On why she pursued a career in optometry and vision therapy: "When I came to The Vision Therapy Center in my fourth year rotation, I had just been at a site that practiced vision therapy and hadn't had the best experience. I felt underprepared and frustrated with the limitations on my treatment options. When I came here and saw how therapy was supposed to be done, my whole outlook changed.

I love working here because of the patients. In therapy, you have the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with these patients for months; you get to know them inside and out, and form true relationships with them. These relationships enable them to improve in all aspects of their lives, but also have helped me to develop my skills as a doctor, therapist and person."

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Dr. Megan Thistle


Megan Thistle, OD, has been with The Vision Therapy Center since 2019.  

On why she pursued a career in optometry and vision therapy: "In my first year of optometry school, we had a class called “Behavioral Optometry.” It was my first introduction to the concept that our eyes and vision are so much more than just organs, they are an extension of our brain! Vision can be trained and improved, and that was fascinating to me.

That initial interest continued to grow and led to an amazing 4th year rotation and residency in vision therapy and TBI care. I loved working with patients over the weeks and seeing them improve not only their visual skills, but their quality of life. That is was I love vision therapy; you really can change someone’s life."

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Our Vision Therapists

Brian DelFosse


What brought you to The Vision Therapy Center?
I like working with families.

What’s your favorite part about being a therapist?
Not only working with families, but seeing the amazing changes that can occur with the patients. I especially enjoy seeing the dramatic changes in the kids.

What has amazed you about vision therapy?
I’m amazed by how much a family this staff is, and how much everyone cares about their patients.

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
Favorite Book: I have many. I love science-fiction (fantasy). My favorite authors are Terry Brooks and Piers Anthony.
Hobbies: Fly fishing, regular fishing, golf, landscaping, fly tying, woodworking, and reading.
Family: Two daughters. Cat: Ringo.
My favorite thing to do: Being outside and playing with my kids.


Our Support Staff

Kim Jelinske – Office Manager


What brought you to The Vision Therapy Center?
My oldest son was struggling in school. I heard a friend talking about this program she was doing with her son and how it was helping him. We talked about it and when I told her I’d already had his eye’s checked, she convinced me that this was different. I am glad she did. We came in and started therapy. It was like a new world for us. We always knew how smart he was, now he was able to show us in school, in sports, and in his everyday life. Shortly after he started therapy, I talked with Dr. Knueppel and told her how angry I was that no one had suggested this to us earlier. She asked if I wanted to help spread the word about vision therapy and I jumped on board.

What's your favorite part about being the office manager?
I get to work with most of the families and see how the therapy is improving their lives. I often get to go to school visits for patients and it is great to see how eager the teachers are to help their students.

What has amazed you about vision therapy?
I have been here ten years and, at first, I kept waiting for people to tell me that they had really tried and that it didn’t work. Well, I’m still waiting. When people really commit to the program and do the work required to improve their vision, they are not disappointed. My favorite memory was of an adult patient who had never seen anything in 3D – Her world was relatively flat. She worked very hard in therapy and one day I found her crying in the lobby. I asked what was wrong, and she told me they were tears of joy, that she had just seen depth for the first time. I will never forget that day. Or the hundreds of other days talking to patients of all ages who could now do things that were impossible before – get a 100 on a spelling test, memorize all the state capitals, read for more than five minutes at a time, hit a baseball, and so much more.Favorite Movie:Maltese Falcon

Favorite Book: Too many to choose from; anything by Edgar Allen Poe, Catch 22, Sherlock Holmes.
Hobbies: I have a lot! I love any king of knitting, crocheting, needlework, etc. I love to cook and garden. My husband is hoping that soon I will love golf!
Family: I have been happily married for over 25 years and we have three beautiful sons. Two are in college and one is in high school.
My favorite thing to do: Spend time with my family and friends, anywhere, but especially at our cottage.


Renee – Administrative Assistant


What brought you to The Vision Therapy Center?
The chance to work the Front Desk and interact with people.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
Everything, each day is a different schedule and it keeps us going!!

Favorite Movie: Sound of Music
Favorite Book: Laura Ingalls Wilder series
Hobbies: Motorcycling, camping, crafts
Family: Sons Brad and Dillon
My favorite thing to do: Watch hockey, is there any other sport?


Claudia – Administrative Assistant


What brought you to The Vision Therapy Center?
I enjoy helping people.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
Getting to know the families and work with children.

Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind
Favorite Book: Stories My Grandfather Told Me.
Hobbies: Yoga, Tennis, piano, reading.
Family: Husband Paul and Son Luke.
My favorite thing to do: Read outdoors on a beautiful day.

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