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The Key to Overcoming Your Functional Vision Problem

When it comes to any health problem, it's the symptoms that facilitate resolution. Symptoms are like a road map, steering us toward effective solutions. Sometimes these symptoms are quite clear – they tell us with no uncertainty what is ailing. Other times our symptoms can be far more ambiguous. With functional vision problems, this kind of ambiguity is common -- its symptoms are routinely misinterpreted, leading to misdiagnosis.

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New Website To Improve Understanding of Functional Vision Problems


When we redesigned our website, we decided to devote the home page to describing “functional vision problems.” We think the addition of the word “functional” can help people distinguish the types of vision problems that exist, and open the door to understanding vision therapy.

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How Does Syntonics Help Children Overcome Vision Problems? (VIDEO)

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Morgan’s Vision Therapy Success Story: She Wouldn’t Give Up!

The following Vision Therapy Success Story comes to us from Morgan and her mom. After struggling to determine what was wrong with her daughter’s vision, Morgan’s family discovered vision therapy.  Read her mother’s first-hand account of their vision therapy story!

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The Vision Therapy Center’s Doctors Receive High Honors from WOA

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