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Why This School District had a Lower Need for Special Education Services

Sometimes you run across a statistic that is so compelling that you feel like running through your neighborhood, grabbing people by the shoulders, and screaming, “Look at this!” The post about special education services and screening for learning-related vision problems is a perfect example.

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Why Every Child Needs a Functional Vision Test Before Summer Ends

Many parents schedule their child’s summer functional vision exam at the beginning of summer. But if time got away from you, we strongly recommend scheduling one before the new school year begins.

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Why a Summer Eye Exam is Crucial for Every Child

School’s almost out for summer. While we know students could use the break from long days, homework and exams, just one more important test is in order: a Functional Vision Test. If it reveals a vision problem, summer is the perfect time to start vision therapy.

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A Surprising Reason for Your Child’s New Learning Problems

About this time of year, we start to see children struggling for their first time in school. It’s something that often shocks parents, especially if their child has never experienced learning problems. What can be even more surprising is the underlying cause: vision problems.

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My New Eyes - A Vision Therapy Success Story from Ben

This is an essay written by Ben Westerman, a graduate of The Vision Therapy Center. Read this and you’ll really understand what it’s like to have a functional vision problem. Please, share this with your friends.  Congratulations to Ben on an amazing achievement!

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Grades a Focus of International Children’s Vision and Learning Month

Every parent fears a report card filled with bad grades.  It’s why we push our kids to study harder, work longer, and put in a ton of effort to improve their scores. So why don’t we reciprocate and make sure functional vision problems aren’t the source of bad grades?

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Too Much Homework Wasn’t the Cause of His Struggles in School

Meet Nicholas. In second grade, he was spending 2-3 hours on homework.  But surprisingly enough to his mother, it wasn’t a case of too much homework - it was convergence insufficiency.  In this success story video, she describes her son’s incredible turnaround as a result of vision therapy.  

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One Way to Help Teachers Understand Why Their Students Are Struggling

Teachers are bombarded with communications from administrators, parents and fellow teachers.  So how do we break through the clutter and communicate a surprising reason why their students may be struggling?  Check out our strategy, and let us know if you think it will work.

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The Most Important Summertime Activity for a Struggling Student


For parents of struggling students, the summer is a welcome respite.  But with school now only a month and a half away, there is one extremely important summertime activity that you shouldn’t forget - one that could help improve next year’s school performance.

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Learning and Amblyopia: Feeling Confused vs. Feeling Frustrated

Annie Murphy Paul writes great blog posts about learning and education. Her recent post is about the benefits of “feeling confused” as a way to improve your learning. We agree, as long as “feeling confused” isn’t mistaken for “feeling frustrated” from the effects of lazy eye (amblyopia).

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