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3 Treatable Vision Problems That Mimic Dyslexia Symptoms

Parents often visit us believing their child is dyslexic based on the fact that they reverse letters and/or numbers when writing and/or reading. However, you may be surprised that sometimes symptoms that look like dyslexia can actually be a vision problem.
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How “The Hidden Disability” Causes Learning Difficulties

One in four children experience vision problems that are often misdiagnosed as other common learning difficulties. Discover why these issues are referred to as “the hidden disability,” and parents and educators know so little about them.

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Her Symptoms of Dyslexia Turned Out to be a Vision Problem


We often feature success stories that have taken place here at The Vision Therapy Center.  However, these types of stories are happening every day, all over the world.  We are fortunate enough to have a guest post from Jenny Johnston, a mom who lives in Chico, California with her daughter Alli (that’s her in the photo on the right, with her sister Jill.)  Jenny is so passionate about vision therapy that she took the time to write this amazing post.  Please read, and share with your friends and family.

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Why Some Children Reverse Words

Does your child reverse words when he or she reads or writes? 

If you notice this occurring, your first thought will be that your child is dyslexic, as the tendency to reverse words is often thought to be one of dyslexia’s telltale symptoms.  Because 5-10% of the population has dyslexia, this may be the case. 

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