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Occupational Therapists - Identifying Patients With Treatable Vision Problems

If you’re an occupational therapist, you’ve probably seen a case in which vision seems to negatively impact your patient’s progress. You know there is a vision problem, but you may not know what specifically isn’t working well.

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How a Girl’s Reading Problems Led to a Vision Therapy Success Story

Life was incredibly frustrating for 9-year-old Julia Feit and her mother Laura. Julia had been struggling in school, especially with reading, and nothing seemed to help. But as it turned out, Julia didn’t have a learning problem - she had a vision problem.

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How “The Hidden Disability” Causes Learning Difficulties

One in four children experience vision problems that are often misdiagnosed as other common learning difficulties. Discover why these issues are referred to as “the hidden disability,” and parents and educators know so little about them.

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Grades a Focus of International Children’s Vision and Learning Month

Every parent fears a report card filled with bad grades.  It’s why we push our kids to study harder, work longer, and put in a ton of effort to improve their scores. So why don’t we reciprocate and make sure functional vision problems aren’t the source of bad grades?

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New Website To Improve Understanding of Functional Vision Problems


When we redesigned our website, we decided to devote the home page to describing “functional vision problems.” We think the addition of the word “functional” can help people distinguish the types of vision problems that exist, and open the door to understanding vision therapy.

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Summer Break Not Always an Escape for Struggling Students

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Seven Types of Functional Vision Problems and Their Symptoms


We’ve posted many times about functional vision problems, but it occurred to us that we haven’t put together a definitive post of the main problems and their symptoms.  Let’s take an in-depth look, and also explain why they’re not detected by typical vision screenings.

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Teachers Surprised by Impact of the “Hidden Learning Disability”

In this amazing video, two optometrists show teachers what students who have a functional vision problem experience in school.  It’s an eye-opening experience for these educators, who now understand why we refer to vision issues as the “hidden learning disability.”

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Could Pushing Children in School Have a Negative Effect on Visual Development?

A report on the high rate of Myopia among Asian schoolchildren produced a surprising conclusion:  Researchers believe the cause may be too much time spent indoors.  Ultimately, we think it may be a consequence of pushing reading and writing before a child’s visual system is adequately developed.  

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How Functional Vision Problems Affect Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Reading, writing and arithmetic.  They’re the foundation of our educational system, and the basis for what your child needs to succeed in school.  And Functional Vision Problems can affects them all.

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Topics: Learning-Related Vision Problems, Functional Vision Problems