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Why it Took This Seventh Grader 3 Hours a Night to do Homework

Why does a gifted reader spend 3 hours a night struggling with homework?

And why was this same seventh grader suddenly unable to read anything more challenging than a comic book?

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Types of Amblyopia: “Lazy Eye” Can Take on Several Forms

Amblyopia is the medical term for what is commonly called “lazy eye.” Amblyopia results from the failure to develop clear vision in one or both eyes even with glasses in the absence of disease. Typically, one eye sees more clearly than the other but sometimes both eyes are affected.

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Lucas’s Family Finds Vision Therapy is the Answer After Eight Years of Struggles

Kelly Gozdziewski will never forget the words spoken by her son, Lucas, after he received new prism glasses. Lucas had been putting the glasses on and then taking them off, when he stopped and looked at his mother.

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Why School Problems Can Occur With Kids Who Never Had Problems Before

Kids can experience school problems for a variety of reasons.  But beyond things like a learning disability or stress at home, one surprising issue can affect kids who’ve never struggled in school before:  A functional vision problem.

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What Dogs Can Teach Us About Vision Testing in Infants and Children

Do dogs need to get their vision tested?  Prisca did. Her testing not only revealed a functional vision problem, but also serves as an example of how we can find similar undetected issues in infants and children.

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Psychologist Says Testing for Vision Problems Could Prevent Unnecessary Treatments and Medications

Identifying the problem is the first step to treating a child or an adult who is struggling at school or work. Testing is critical, and in cases related to functional vision problems, it could prevent the need for unnecessary treatments and/or medications.

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Photophobia: A Surprising Reason Why You’re Experiencing Light Sensitivity


Photophobia is a condition in which your visual system is extremely sensitive to light.  Beyond the expected causes, such as pathologies and brain injuries, functional vision problems can also cause light sensitivity.

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The Madison Reading Project: Improving Children’s Literacy in Wisconsin One Book at a Time


Vision therapy helps children read to their full potential.  But even with their reading abilities improved, many lack simple access to books.  The Madison Reading Project is working to ensure that when kids are ready to read, there is a book waiting for them.

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The Surprising Reason Why You Suffer From Motion Sickness


Motion sickness is both an unpleasant and a misunderstood condition. Many people who experience it don’t know why the body reacts the way it does, or that its root cause may actually be a functional vision problem.

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39 Tips on How to Limit Screen Time During Screen-Free Week and Beyond


Excessive screen time poses a legitimate threat to a child’s visual health, school performance, and overall behavior. That’s why figuring out how to limit screen time is so important. Check out our 39 tips to make it happen as we promote Screen-Free Week 2018.

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