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Does a Vision Problem Prevent Your Child from Seeing in 3D?

Seeing in 3D

Every movie for kids seems to be in 3D these days.  From the latest Harry Potter to re-releases like The Lion King, 3D is all the rage.  Unfortunately, kids and adults with a binocular vision problem may not enjoy a 3D movie like everyone else.  Even worse, they may not know they have a problem.

Why?  Because a binocular vision problem isn’t like a twisted ankle or a knee scrape.  If you have poor depth perception, for example, you may not realize there’s a problem because you’re seeing things the way you’ve always seen things.   Your frame of reference is limited entirely to what you’ve experienced throughout your life.

It’s why many kids with binocular vision problems will attend a 3D movie but not see the true 3D effect.  “In many cases, a child may still perceive depth, but not the true, vivid 3D,” said Dr. Brandon Begotka of The Vision Therapy Center.  “Many action movies use monocular depth cues to create perceived depth, but they won’t see the true 3D effects.”

When does a vision problem become a real problem?

If a child can’t experience the true 3D movies, but he or she seems to function in society, should this be a concern?

Absolutely.  This vision issue doesn’t confine itself to enjoying Harry Potter in 3D.  Children (and adults) with vision problems like poor depth perception may have issues beyond the movie theater.

Because their ability to effectively perceive visual space has been affected, they may be clumsy and bump into objects.  They may have difficulty throwing and catching balls.  As an adult, their driving ability may be impaired.   Their schoolwork may suffer or they may get headaches.  In fact, they may experience a number of these common symptoms of vision problems.

While a child with poor or no stereoscopic vision may not realize they’re missing out on some 3D effects, they will notice when these symptoms compromise their ability to learn or work.  By identifying and treating vision problems, you can literally change a child’s life.  Improving their ability to enjoy 3D movies will simply be the icing on the cake.


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Posted by   Greg Mischio