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VIDEO: Parents Describe how Vision Therapy Helped Their Daughter

Parents describe how vision therapy helped their daughter.

You may recall reading the beautiful piece written by Kari Dietze a few weeks back on Discovering Vision Therapy.  In a new video, both Kari and Dale join us to tell the story of how vision therapy helped their daughter Paige overcome a vision problem. Listen as they describe:

  • How their daughter was perennially klutzy and didn’t like reading
  • Why they thought syntonics was strange, but were amazed at the results
  • How vision therapy has transformed their daughter

Dale and Kari have graciously offered to share her story as part of our “Tell Your World” outreach program.  We hope to spread the word about vision therapy by offering up stories like the Dietze family and using social media to spread the word.  Please share this with your friends, teachers, and doctors!   

NOTE:  Due to technical difficulties, the video quality of this YouTube video would not match the audio. You’ll hear the Dietze’s voices, but still photos appear instead of video.


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Posted by   Greg Mischio