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VIDEO: How Vision Therapy Helped Both My Daughters

How Vision Therapy helped both my daughters

A few weeks ago, we provided you with a written account of how vision therapy helped the Stiverson family.  In this video, Suzanne Stiverson tells us more about how vision therapy helped her two daughters.  She describes:

  • How her daughter couldn’t read the word “the,” even after reading it for years
  • What her “a-ha” moment was that indicated her daughter truly needed help
  • How vision therapy has made her whole house feel more “content”

Suzanne graciously offered to share her story as part of our “Tell Your World” outreach program.  We hope to spread the word about vision therapy by offering up stories like Suzanne’s and using social media to spread the word.  Please share this with your friends, teachers, and doctors!  


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Posted by   Greg Mischio