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Dynamic Duo Enlists Others to Spread the Word About Vision Therapy

Dynamic Duo Enlists Others to Spread the Word About Vision Therapy
Dr. Ryan Edwards and Dr. Lindsey Stull are two optometrists who are taking a unique approach to spreading the word about vision therapy -- one podcast interview at a time.

Generating awareness is both a challenge and an opportunity for practitioners in the field of vision therapy. Dr. Edwards and Dr. Stull of the Dynamic Center for Vision Therapy, a.k.a. the Dynamic Duo, are embracing this opportunity, creating a podcast to generate buzz about functional vision problems by engaging experts in related fields.  

Dr. Ryan Edwards and Dr. Lindsey StullDr. Ryan Edwards and Dr. Lindsey Stull

Sharing Ideas -- Especially From Others

The general population is gaining awareness about vision therapy and its benefits. Many vision therapy practices are finding new and exciting ways to share their stories.  Check out our page of success stories from other clinics as a prime example.

Add the “Dynamic Duo” to the list. The duo -- Dr. Edwards and Dr. Stull -- opened Dynamic Center for Vision Therapy in Naperville, Illinois just over a year ago.  

In an effort to spread the word about vision therapy, they turned to other professionals and patients who have experienced and/or understand the benefits of improving functional visual skills.  

The interdisciplinary approach allows people to understand how functional vision problems affect people in a myriad of different ways. “We wanted to have people talk about vision therapy in their own words, not ours,” Dr. Edwards said.

They created a podcast, called the Dynamic Duo Podcast, that’s centered around developmental optometry.  They reach out to other professionals -- occupational therapists, psychologists, patients -- and interview them for their monthly podcast.

Dynamic Duo
Take a look (and listen) to some of their podcasts.  You can visit this page to subscribe to the podcast.  We’ll also be featuring them in upcoming blog posts.

Dr. Clark Elliott - Author of
The Ghost in My Brain

Dr. Clark Elliott suffered a mild traumatic brain injury that affected his vision. After trying various treatment options across the country, he finally found success with vision therapy. He chronicled his journey in the book The Ghost in My Brain, effectively putting into words the symptoms and struggles that are specific to concussion-related functional vision problems.

Wendy Rosen -
The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning

Teachers see the positive impact of vision therapy on children in the classroom -- parents experience it at home. Wendy Rosen, a certified early childhood and elementary school teacher, has experienced both, as her daughter underwent vision therapy.  It changed her own perspective of how important vision is within the classroom, and led to her writing the book The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning.


Angela Hanscom - Balanced and Barefoot

We often stress the importance of outdoor play for building visual skills.  Angela Hanscom is a pediatric occupational therapist and the founder of TimberNook, an award-winning developmental and nature-based program. She talked to the Dynamic Duo about vision development as it relates to outdoor play.

Denise Schneider - Headaches and Their Causes

A physical therapist and educator on many levels, Denise Schneider’s specialty is treating headaches, which are a common symptom of vision problems.  She discussed many of the causes of headaches, and her treatment methods.


Dr. Brandi Boan - Treatment Protocols for Traumatic Brain Injury

Concussions and their effects on vision are an important issue for parents, as the amount of reported head injuries continues to rise. Dr. Brandi Boan discussed testing and treatment protocols of individuals after experiencing a traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Alisa Nance - Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Similar to some of the patients we’ve treated with concussion-related functional vision problems, Dr. Alisa Nance is a family physician who suffered from a mild traumatic brain injury. After a long and difficult recovery period, she has finally turned the corner, and her heartfelt message is an inspiration to keep fighting and seeking out solutions.

We encourage you to listen to these insightful podcasts, and help spread the word about vision therapy!

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