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Calling All Vision Therapy Providers: Why We Want to Link to Your Success Stories

Link our vision success stories!


We want to show everyone that vision therapy centers around the world are achieving success. To demonstrate the efficacy of vision therapy, we created this webpage of links to the success stories published by other vision therapy centers.


The biggest question every vision therapist - or any medical practitioner - is asked: “Will it work?”  

We’ve been asked that question since The Vision Therapy Center opened in 1995. We’ve answered by helping thousands of people improve their functional vision and change their lives.  And we know we’re not alone.


Success Stories From Other Developmental Optometrists

We’ve documented many of our success stories on our website, but we know other developmental optometrists around the country have done this as well.


So we thought if we could build a page where we linked to all the success story webpages across the countries, it would demonstrate to patients, educators, and other medical practitioners how effective vision therapy can be in helping children and adults struggling with functional vision problems.


Below you’ll find a list of vision therapy success pages - including some noteworthy individual success stories.  We’d love to link to yours as well.  If you would like to include your vision therapy success story page in the listing, please click here and send us your clinic’s name, your address, and a link to your page.


We strongly encourage you to add a link to this page from your website, so all prospective patients can see the other success stories around the nation!


Why All Vision Therapy Providers Need to Showcase Our Success

If you’re worried about putting your success stories up next to another clinic that provides vision therapy, don’t. One in four children has a vision problem that affects their ability to learn.  Our biggest problem isn’t a lack of patients; it’s a lack of awareness.

Besides, showing how many developmental optometrists practice vision therapy underscores how widespread vision therapy truly is. It shows that vision therapy, which is part of every optometrist’s medical training, is a valid and effective method for correcting vision problems.


Nationwide Success Stories


The Vision Therapy Center - Wisconsin

Naturally, we’ll start off with our own success stories.  We’ve compiled a montage of videos, stories we’ve written, and stories written by our patients.

The Vision Therapy Center Success Stories



Austin Eye Gym - North Austin, TX

Austin Eye Gym specializes in diagnostic, therapeutic & enhancement services to habilitate, rehabilitate or enhance Neuro-Visual Function. They have a lengthy page of testimonials.

Austin Eye Gym Success Stories @austineyegym



Bella Vision (Spartanburg, SC)
Dr. Janet M. Wilson, OD, FCVOD is a board-certified developmental optometrist specializing in Vision Therapy and Vision Rehabilitation. Her boutique optometry practice Bella Vision is located in the upstate of South Carolina.

Bella Vision Success Stories



Boulder Valley Vision Therapy - Boulder, CO

Dr. Jen Simonson helps her patients reach the goal of a functioning visual system, which can make "earning and learning much successful!" 

Boulder Vally Vision Therapy Success Stories and Testimonials


Bright Eyes Family Vision Care - New Tampa & Westchase, FL
Dr. Nate Bonilla-Warford and Dr. Elizabeth Knighton provide vision therapy at Bright Eyes Family Vision Care. Their success stories pages include testimonials from kids and parents.
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care Success Stories @brighteyestampa

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein and the Hellerstein and Brenner Vision Center, P.C. - Denver, CO

The “Vision Visionary,” Dr. Hellerstein is a pioneer in vision therapy and developmental optometry, as well as an award-winning author. Her success stories include testimonials from parents, teachers and fellow professionals.

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein Success Stories @lynnhellerstein


Dr. Penelope S. Suter - Bakersfield, CA

Dr. Suter’s team offers comprehensive vision care and vision therapy. Check out their vision therapy success stories.

Dr. Suter Success Stories @penelopessuter

Dr. Tod David & Dr. Amy Carlyle - VA

Dr. David and Dr. Carlyle provide vision therapy and low vision services, as well as sports vision training. They have a variety of success stories written by their patients and parents.

Success Stories @vvtcinc


Fixing My Gaze - Dr. Sue Barry

Neuroscientist Dr. Sue Barry wrote a book about her journey through vision therapy. Fascinating on its combination of personal anecdotes and scientific data, the tale of “Stereo Sue” (as she was dubbed by Oliver Sacks in the New Yorker) may be the ultimate success story. @suebarry

Envision Therapy - GA
Dr. Rosalyn Coleman's practice Envision Therapy specializes only in vision therapy, neuro-rehabilitation, and ortho-k. They are located in Woodstock, GA. Their success stories include written and video testimonials.

Envision Therapy Success Stories and YouTube page


Golden Vision Therapy - Golden, CO

A vision therapy clinic run by Dr. Leanna Dudley, OD, FCOVD, a developmental optometrist specializing in pediatric optometry, vision therapy, and rehabilitation. Check out their success stories - each handwritten by kids!

Golden Vision Success Stories @goldenvistherap


Hope Clinic - WA

Hope Clinic designs a vision therapy program to incrementally build upon your current visual skills, helping you achieve and excel to your highest potential. Their success stories include testimonials written by patients and videos.

Hope Clinic Success Stories and Success Videos @VTSeattle


Jillian’s Story

Jillian Benoit and her mother, Robin Benoit, were so amazed by Jillian's life-changing success with vision therapy that they embarked on a goal of spreading the word about it to others. This link is to their website and the two books they’ve written about their amazing journey.



Kansas City Vision Performance Center - Overland Park, KS

Helps patients of all ages through vision therapy, low vision rehabilitation and neuro-optometry. Testimonials from patients and parents.

Kansas City Vision Performance Center Success Stories @kcvisionperformance


Larry Fitzgerald

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, had a vision problem that was making it difficult to pay attention in schoo.  His grandfather, Dr. Robert Johnson, a developmental optometrist in Chicago, Illinois, diagnosed the vision problem and the appropriate treatment. Now Fitzgerald speaks on the benefits of vision therapy. @larryfitzgerald


Mill Valley Optometry - Mill Valley, CA

Dr. Eliot Kaplan is active in the community, providing vision education for teachers and parents, while offering “vision screenings” for local schools and summer camps. His success stories include pictures and notes from patients and parents.

Mill Valley Optometry Success Stories @eliotkaplanOD



Park Ridge Vision

Park Ridge Vision is a family and community oriented practice that has a special emphasis in vision development and rehabilitation. Our team cares for patients of all ages from infancy and beyond in the Chicagoland area.

Park Ridge Vision Success Stories



PRI Vision - Lincoln, NE

PRI Vision integrates the professions of physical therapy and behaviorial/neuro-optometry, courtesy of Dr. Heidi Wise OD, COVD. Check out testimonials to their innovative approach.

PRI Vision Success Stories @heidiwiseOD


PressVision - The Vision and Learning Center of Fair Lawn, NJ

PressVision is the website for Vision and Learning Center of Family Eyecare Associates, established in 1985 by Dr. Leonard Press. Their site includes success stories and videos.

PressVision Success Stories and Success Videos @visionarian


The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy - Austin, TX

The developmental optometrists of the OCVT have a testimonial page with pictures of their graduates and patient-written success stories.

The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy Success Stories


Utah Vision Development Center

Dr. Jarrod Davies and his team provides area residents with comprehensive eye care and vision therapy solutions for both adults and children. In-depth success stories written by parents.

Utah Vision Development Center Success Stories @utahvt


Vision Therapy Group - Flint, MI

Dr. Brad Habermehl’s vision therapy practice has been helping children since the early 2000s. His testimonials page includes pictures from happy grads!

Vision Therapy Group Success Stories @drhabermehl



Vision Therapy Institute

Vision Therapy Institute has been celebrating the joys and successes through vision therapy with our patients since 1989. 

Vision Therapy Institute Success Stories



Vision Development Center - Jasper, IN 

Dr. Joan Baurenfiend's Vision Development Center is a unique vision care provider specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of functional vision disorders.
Vision Development Center's Success Stories



The Vision Development Center - Bloomfield Township, MI

Dr. Pelton and Dr. Poma provide vision therapy services in the metro-Detroit area.  Success stories from patients and parents, including pictures and a video!

The Vision Development Center's Success Stories

VQ Learning Sports Rehab - Tuscon, AZ

Dr. Tanya Polec’s team provides vision therapy, visual rehabilitation, and sports vision therapy. Her testimonial page includes patients in each area.

VQ Learning Sports Rehab Success Stories @vqlsr


Washington Vision Therapy Center

Dr. Ben Winters’ practice has a great vision therapy success story page, with photos alongside each success story.

Washington Vision Therapy Center Success Stories


Not on Here? Let Us Know - We’ll Keep Adding to the List!

We know we’ve just scratched the surface with our listing.  Please share this listing with other developmental optometrists, and let us know if you’d like to be added to the list.  Whenever we add a new clinic, we’ll tweet out the update!

To submit your entry, just email Greg Mischio your clinic name, a short description (like the ones above) and a link to your success story page. Let’s spread the word about vision therapy!

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