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The Journey Continues - Special Pictures from the Special Olympics

Two Kims resized 600

Dr. Kellye Knueppel and Kim Jelinske of The Vision Therapy Center are in PyeongChang, South Korea as volunteers for the 2013 Special Olympics Word Winter Games.  We're sharing pictures Dr. Knueppel is sending back to us, including this shot of the "two Kims" - our own Kim Jelinske and an athlete named Kim. What follows are pictures and notes from Dr. Knueppel.

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"This athlete is Bilaby, a snowshoer from Muritania. He had eye pressures of 60 which is super high. He has lost most of his vision in his right eye, but still has vision with his left eye. Hopefully, with treatment the vision in his left eye can be saved.  In addition to meeting lots of people and working hard I am developing my geography knowledge. Muritania is on the African continent between Morocco and Senegal."

Athens resized 600

"Coach Lange from Norway.  I prescribed glasses for one of his athletes in Norway and she loves them!"

Christmas decor resized 600

"Christmas decorations are still around in Seoul one month after Christmas!"

Sooondubu resized 600

"Soondubu is soft tofu.  Delicious!"

Elevator resized 600

"A sign at the entrance to our restaurant in Seoul.  We went to the elevator thinking that it must be difficult to get to the restaurant by the stairs.  Turned out that the stairs led directly to the restaurant and the elevator was very inconvenient!"

Hotel on sea of japan resized 600

"Our hotel is on the Sea of Japan."

Korean Optometrist Jeong Hoon Choi resized 600

Korean Optometrist Jeong Hoon Choi.

Dried cuttlefish resized 600

Dried cuttlefish in a gift store in Gangneung bus terminal.  Anyone hungry?

Isle of man resized 600

My favorite Special Olympics sport. Most of the Special Olympics sports are played in the usual manner, but floor hockey was created specifically for Special Olympics.

On the far court Korea was playing Japan. No love lost between these two countries. Japan won 4-2: On the near court the Isle of Man vs. Afghanistan. Afghanistan won 3-2 in overtime.

We examined about half of the Isle of Man athletes yesterday and prescribed new glasses for several of them.  They didn't have the new glasses yet-perhaps that could have changed the outcome of the game. :-)

2013 02 06 14 57 21 168 resized 600

Another Korean optical store.

After helping at the Special Olympics, Dr. Knueppel and Kim will continue on to Japan, where Dr. K will speak at the Japanese Optometry School in Nagoya.  We'll keep posting pictures as Dr. Knueppel sends them our way.

Posted by   Greg Mischio