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“It Wasn’t ADD - It’s a Vision Problem.”

When you read about Kendyl Hughes, you have to scratch your head and wonder why.  Why do we always look to medicate a child at the first sign of Attention Deficit Disorder? As Kendyl and his vision therapy success prove, vision issues should be considered first.

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Bright Girl Struggles in School - Until The Real Problem Is Discovered (Part 1)

This is the first in an ongoing series of posts in which we’ll follow a patient through vision therapy. In this first post, we describe Madilyn’s vision problem, and the immediate impact some corrective measures have had on her life.

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Vision Therapy Success Story: A Tale of Two Siblings

Nothing can stop a mom who knows there’s something wrong with her child, and will fight tooth and nail to find the solution to the problem. Case in point: The Bloodworth family, where vision therapy helped not one, but two children.

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Vision Therapy Success - From Hating Reading to Loving It

Anna Nelson was in 7th grade when she realized her vision wasn’t as clear as it used to be. Her optometrist said everything was fine, but for Anna, the everyday struggles were very real.

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Young Girl With an Eye Turn Becomes Another Vision Therapy Success

It’s a familiar story. A specialist told 6-year-old Grace’s parents that nothing could be done about her right eye’s outward turn. But through hard work and dedication in vision therapy, Grace’s vision and reading problems dramatically improved, making her yet another vision therapy success.

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How Vision Therapy Improved Her Concussion Symptoms

Two years ago, Kim Lohr was walking one winter morning when she slipped on a patch of ice and bam… everything went black. Over the next several months, she’d discover that her concussion created vision problems which could have persisted indefinitely without vision therapy.

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How a Girl’s Reading Problems Led to a Vision Therapy Success Story

Life was incredibly frustrating for 9-year-old Julia Feit and her mother Laura. Julia had been struggling in school, especially with reading, and nothing seemed to help. But as it turned out, Julia didn’t have a learning problem - she had a vision problem.

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She Didn’t Realize How Much She Needed Vision Therapy

Thirteen-year-old Chalen didn’t think she had a vision problem, despite having a severe case of strabismus. Six months of vision therapy later, she discovered not only how debilitating her eye turn had been, but also how much therapy helped.

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His Trouble Reading Ended Up Being a Vision Problem

Six-year-old Joel Derrick always loved school. But when his class began reading words, school suddenly became a struggle. He and his family would soon discover that his academic problems didn’t come from a learning problem, but a vision problem. (This post includes a video interview with Joel’s mother, Lisa.)

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My New Eyes - A Vision Therapy Success Story from Ben

This is an essay written by Ben Westerman, a graduate of The Vision Therapy Center. Read this and you’ll really understand what it’s like to have a functional vision problem. Please, share this with your friends.  Congratulations to Ben on an amazing achievement!

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