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Does a Vision Problem Prevent Your Child from Seeing in 3D?

Every movie for kids seems to be in 3D these days.  From the latest Harry Potter to re-releases like The Lion King, 3D is all the rage.  Unfortunately, kids and adults with a binocular vision problem may not enjoy a 3D movie like everyone else.  Even worse, they may not know they have a problem.

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Free Poster Provides Tips on Avoiding Computer Eye Strain

Click here to download this free poster on preventing computer eye strain (Computer Vision Syndrome)!

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Three Reasons Why Kids Need Vision Test Before School Starts

I was chatting with Kim Jelinske of The Vision Therapy Center about how busy the doctors and therapists are at the clinic.  Parents are rushing to get their children in for a vision test before school starts.

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Eight Ways Your Kids Can Avoid Computer-Related Vision Problems

It’s sad but true:  Most kids (maybe even your own) would rather play a video game than go outside and play.  What’s also sad but true is this immersion into the virtual world can lead to some real-life vision problems.

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How a Basic Eye Test Can Miss a Learning Problem

Parents and children are quite familiar with the eye chart used by most schools for vision screenings. It’s called the Snellen chart, and it’s given us the term “20/20” vision.

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