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10 Examples of How Vision and Learning Are Tightly Linked

Much of what you learn comes through your visual system, which is why educators agree there is a close connection between vision and learning.   So what are some examples of how vision and learning are linked?  Take a look:

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How Vision Problems Can Affect Reading, Spelling and Writing

We’ve been blogging a lot about vision problems to watch for during the new school year.  An undetected vision problem, such as convergence insufficiency, amblyopia, poor eye teaming, or a lack of binocular vision, can affect your child’s reading, spelling and writing in a number of different ways.

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Four Reasons Why Teachers Need to Ask, “What is Vision Therapy?”

\All across America, school bells are ringing, and kids are returning to the classroom.  As teachers prepare for another year-long dive into education, there should be one question all of them can answer:  What is vision therapy?

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