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New Video - How Vision Can Affect Different Subjects in School

In our continuing video series, Dr. Knueppel talks about how vision affects various school subjects.  Watch as she discusses:

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She Struggled in Math – Another Reason for Vision and Learning Month


Nothing seems to tell the tale of why the message of Vision and Learning Month is so important as videos like the one in this post.  It has to do with how one girl struggled with math, school and life in general.

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Learning Math: Why a Vision Problem May be Holding You Back

For some students, math is fun.  It comes easy to them, and they can readily solve the most difficult problems.  For other students, math can be a struggle.  Not only do they have problems grasping the concept, they also see little point in learning the skill.  Why the division?  Despite the conventional wisdom that some kids just don’t “get” math, a vision problem may be the root cause.

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Recent Math Study Overlooks Vision Problems

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