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How the Brock String is Used In Vision Therapy

How the Brock String is used in Vision Therapy.

In this video from Dr. Knueppel, she demonstrates one of the activities used in vision therapy - the Brock string.  The Brock string was named after Frederick Brock, who developed it as a tool to help him correct his own vision problem.

When using the Brock string, one end is held at the tip of the nose, while the other is tied to a fixed point – often our patients will use a doorknob.  Three beads on the string are placed at different distances, and the patient must focus on each of the beads.  The Brock string helps develop better binocular vision.

During the video, Dr. Knueppel will show:

  • How her eyes react during different parts of looking at the Brock string.
  • Why your eyes will see “two strings” when you’re using it.
  • How your eyes can give “feedback.”

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Posted by   Greg Mischio