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The Vision Therapy Center Helps at Special Olympics in Oshkosh

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Dr. Kellye Knueppel and the staff of The Vision Therapy Center enjoyed another opportunity to help at the Special Olympics-Lions Clubs International Opening Eyes program.

On April 9, 2011, we travelled to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh for the Special Olympics Indoor Sports Tournament, where we we joined other optometrists and eye care professionals.  Together, we performed comprehensive vision evaluations for the athletes, which included checking visual acuity, eye alignment, stereoscopic vision, color vision, refractive condition and internal and external eye health. 

If one of the athletes were found to have reduced acuity or visual function, several optometrists were on hand to perform a refraction (which determines the prescription).  If a prescription was found to improve the athlete’s visual function, glasses were prescribed. In some cases, glasses were made on site!

Tremendous volunteer turnout, tremendous results

Once again, we had a great turnout of volunteers.  In all, 14 optometrists, 17 opticians, 2 optometry students, 21 lay volunteers, and 31 Lions Club volunteers were on hand.

We tested 227 athletes.  Of that number, 138 athletes will receive free eyewear, with some getting two pairs of glasses.  We either distributed or will distributed 83 pair of every-day glasses, 108 pairs of sports goggles, and 69 pairs of sunglasses.

Performance in sports is heavily dependent on a visual system that is functioning properly.  These efforts to help improve the visual function of the athletes aids in both their performance and their self-esteem.  It’s an incredible, moving experience to be part of this event.  Approximately 75 percent of our volunteers come back to help year after year.

The next Opening Eyes event will be Friday, June 10, at the State Summer Games in Stevens Point.  If you are an optometrist, optometric tech or optician and would like to volunteer, please contact Mary Till of The Vision Therapy Center at 262-784-9201.

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