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Developed by a team of optometrists (J AM Optom Assoc 2006;77:116-123.), the Vision Quiz is a score-based system that helps us determine if a Functional Vision Exam is needed.

A score of 20 or more, or the persistence of 1-2 symptoms, indicates the need for a Functional Vision Exam.

What is a Functional Vision Exam?

A functional vision exam is not like an exam you’re receive from a regular optometrist. It’s conducted by The Vision Therapy Center’s developmental optometrists, and it is designed specifically to detect functional vision problems.

A Functional Vision Exam is a comprehensive assessment of visual information processing, binocular function, and other visual skills.

A functional vision test generally takes 60 – 90 minutes and includes a series of tests based on the patient’s individual needs.

The doctor will first review the patient’s health and eye history, with emphasis on any visual problems and symptoms. This information is used to tailor the functional vision test, which includes tests on a wide range of visual skills.

These tests are for the typical learning-related vision problems. Different tests may be required for other types of patients (developmental delay, brain injury, sports vision).

Can my regular optometrist perform a functional vision exam?

Not all optometrists have the advanced training or equipment required to perform a functional vision exam, which is why many refer their patients to The Vision Therapy Center.  We work with many general optometrists, complementing their services when special cases like these arise.

Why don’t schools conduct these tests?

A large percentage of students don’t have vision problems, and conducting these tests on every child would be costly. Vision screenings are less costly, but limited in scope. Many of these screenings involve little more than reading letters on a distance eye chart, a test that cannot determine if a child has the visual skills necessary for effective reading and learning.

Will my child need vision therapy if he or she gets a functional vision exam?

No. The vision exam is conducted to determine if you or your child even has a vision problem. It’s not uncommon for us to find that only a change in a glasses prescription is needed. But the testing is critical to get to the root cause of a child’s learning issues.

Do you have any examples of other children who have been helped by vision therapy?

Since 1995, people of all ages have turned to The Vision Therapy Center for a solution. And by using vision therapy, we’ve delivered – improving the vision and the lives of over 2,000 patients. Check out our Success Stories for other cases.

Let’s determine if vision problems are causing your child’s struggles with learning.

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