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29 Signs Your Child Has an Undetected Vision Problem

29 signs of an undetected vision problems

According to the American Optometric Association, 1 in 4 children have a vision problem that affects their ability to learn.  Many of those problems are vision problems which aren’t detected during typical vision screenings performed by schools and pediatricians.Here are 29 symptoms that your child may have an undetected vision problem.

  1. Has a crossed or lazy eye

  2. Tilts the head to one side on a frequent basis, or has one shoulder that is noticeably higher

  3. Squints, blinks, and/or closes one eye repeatedly

  4. Holds the book close while reading

  5. Has poor hand-eye coordination.

  6. Displays signs of emotional or developmental immaturity

  7. Has a low frustration level, and often doesn’t get along well with others

  8. Experiences blurry vision

  9. Complains of nausea or dizziness and motion sickness

  10. Experiences double vision (you may have to ask – “do you see two of these objects?”)

  11. Confuses left and right directions on an ongoing basis

  12. Loses his or her place when reading or copying from the board or paper

  13. Remembering what was read is often difficult

  14. Has difficulty remembering, identifying and reproducing geometric shapes

  15. Reverses words

  16. Uses finger to read

  17. Rubs eyes during or after short periods of reading

  18. Skips words and/or has to re-read on a regular basis

  19. Omits small words

  20. Struggles with handwriting

  21. Moves head back and forth (instead of moving eyes)

  22. Appears clumsy, or frequently bumps into things or drops things

  23. Experiences problems catching a ball.

  24. Favors the use of one eye when reading or viewing an object

  25. Experiences burning or itching eyes, reddened in appearance

  26. Has frequent headaches in forehead or temples

  27. Exhibits posture problems

  28. Has a short attention span and is easily distracted

  29. Becomes nervous, irritable, or quickly fatigued while reading, looking at books, or doing close work

Many of these undetected vision problems can be treated with vision therapy.  To see if you or your child needs a Functional Vision Exam to diagnose an undetected vision problem, download the Vision and Learning Guide and take the Vision Quiz (see below).

  Learn how undetected vision problems can impact a child's ability to learn.  Download your free Vision and Learning Guide.

The Vision and Learning Guide from The Vision Therapy Center.

Posted by  Greg Mischio