Parents play an essential role in detecting vision issues.


There is no one who can have a more immediate impact on a child’s vision than a parent. Here are some tools to help you learn about vision and learning issues.

First step diagnostic tool – The Vision Quiz →

If you think your child might be suffering from a vision problem, have he or she take The Vision Quiz.

In-depth downloadable Vision and Learning Guide →

This guide contains a thorough description of vision and learning issues.

See our success stories →

Read stories written by parents who have used vision therapy to radically improve their children’s lives.

Vision skills at different ages →

See the different stages of vision development based on a child’s age. Ideal for children of all ages.

Vision activities →

These vision activities are a great way for you learn how to gauge your child’s visual skills.

By watching for early signs of vision problems and supporting and working with your child in the event vision therapy is needed, you can dramatically improve your child’s visual skills.

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