Testing and Treatment Costs for Vision Therapy

In a perfect world, we could provide vision therapy for free.  We could help the 25% of children who are struggling at school because vision problems don’t allow them to thrive like other children.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in that perfect world, and our services cost money.  In today’s economy, everyone feels the impact of every dollar spent. We know that.

But as our former patients will tell you, vision therapy is a treatment that truly can transform your child’s life, eliminating the visual barrier that’s been hampering him or her academically and socially.  It’s up to you to determine what that’s worth to your family.

Here are some common questions regarding costs and insurance.


Pre-Test Assessment and Examination Assessment ($220-375)

Generally, testing for learning-related issues costs approximately $220 - $375, depending on the testing the doctor needs to perform.  

Perceptual Testing Assessment, if required, costs $153. This assessment is not always needed, but the developmental optometrist usually recommends it for any child struggling in school. Click here for a detailed listing of everything included in the testing.

Patient Education Visit (Free)

After completing the Functional Vision Test and/or the Perceptual Testing Assessment, a developmental optometrist will review the results of the testing and create an individualized treatment plan.

Both the results of the testing and our doctor’s recommended treatment plan will be presented by a Vision Therapy Center representative to the patient and/or the patient’s legal guardian(s) at a free 90-minute Patient Education Visit.

The purpose of the Patient Education Visit is to provide ample time to discuss the testing results and treatment plan as well as answer any questions that you may have.


Vision therapy visits cost $152 per visit, but your overall costs will vary depending on the vision problem. Typical treatment can range anywhere from $1,000 - $7,000. Your costs will be fully explained to you during the Patient Education Visit.

We’re well aware of the expense of this program, especially considering many people pay for the expense out of pocket. However, considering the number of people we’ve helped and the lives we’ve transformed, it’s no wonder that many of our patients agree that the treatment costs were well worth the expense.


Is the Functional Vision Test and any resultant vision therapy covered by insurance?

This depends on the level of coverage provided in your health insurance policy. We are happy to provide you with a pre-authorization letter that you can give to your insurance company to determine your level of coverage.  

Are there other payment options, such as financing?

In the event you don’t have coverage, we have a variety of payment plans that can fit any budget. Here are some options provided by Care Credit.

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