Find out how vision therapy can help your struggling child

This video is about Anna, who, like 1 in 4 people, suffered from an undetected vision problem that affected her ability to read, write and process information. Vision therapy transformed her life. This is her story.

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Anna’s vision issues are not uncommon. According to the American Optometric Association, 25% of the population has undetected vision problems that can affect their ability to learn.

These vision problems – such as poor eye teaming, focusing, tracking and visualization disorders – are not detected by typical vision screenings. In fact, you can have 20/20 eyesight and still have a vision problem.

Vision therapy can help.

Since 1995, people of all ages have turned to The Vision Therapy Center in Wisconsin for a solution. And by using vision therapy, we’ve delivered – improving the vision and the lives of over 2,000 patients.

While vision therapy works for people of all ages, most learning problems become apparent at an early age. This website is a resource for parents, teachers, and fellow optometrists who either have a child or are working with a child that is experiencing learning problems.

Chances are that you haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the learning issue, and you’re extremely frustrated. The first step to determining if someone has an undetected vision problem is to see if he or she has any of the typical symptoms.

Do these symptoms look familiar?

Take the Vision Quiz, selecting the option that best describes how often each symptom occurs:

0=Never, 1=Seldom, 2=Occasionally, 3=Frequently, 4=Always

A score of 20 or more points* or the persistence of 1-2 symptoms indicates the need for a Functional Vision Test.

* J AM Optom Assoc 2006;77:116-123.

Resources on The Vision Therapy Center website:

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