Improve Your Child’s Study Skills with our Vision-Based Consulting Session

The Vision Therapy Center will both assess your child’s home workspace and offer up suggestions for improving their study skills. The 45-minute session will include: 

Review of your child’s workspace

Using the computer camera during a Zoom-based meeting, we'll remotely review your child’s study area, including their chair, desk/table, lighting, computer setup, etc. We’ll look for any potential visual-stress issues that might cause visual fatigue. 

Review your child’s study habits and daily schedule

We'll discuss your child's learning habits, including how their workday is structured.  We'll discuss where you have challenges and recommend strategies you can use to keep everyone working.  

Create a game plan for keeping your child on track and working efficiently

We’ll then work with you to create a game plan based on visual-learning strategies to improve your child’s overall performance. It will include:

  • Workspace recommendations for reducing visual stress and fatigue.
  • A workday schedule that’s suited to your child’s learning style. 
  • Tips for improving their study skills and efficiency.

You’ll receive a recorded version of the session.  

Consultation Price - $99

The next step is to schedule a consultation. Fill in the form at right and we'll set up a time that works.  Payment options include credit, debit and ACH -- we will accept payment when a consultation is scheduled. 


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