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She Struggled in Math – Another Reason for Vision and Learning Month


Math struggles could result from a vision problem
Nothing seems to tell the tale of why the message of Vision and Learning Month is so important as videos like the one in this post.  It has to do with how one girl struggled with math, school and life in general.We found it on the College of Optometrists in Vision Development’s website.  For people actively involved in spreading the word of the benefits of vision therapy, it tells a tale we’ve heard over and over again – but the successful resolution never gets old.

What jumped out at us was the mother’s description of how her daughter struggled, “particularly in math.”  When people think of vision problems, they don’t realize that the ability to think spatially can be compromised by a vision problem.  We touched on this in an earlier blog post.

Children's Vision and Learning Month

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Posted by  Greg Mischio