Vision Problems Can Cause Learning Difficulties


Vision problems are often at the root of a child’s struggles in school.

According to the American Optometrists Association, 1 in 4 children have an undetected vision problem that affects their ability to learn.  At The Vision Therapy Center, our focus is on solving vision problems.  We provide vision therapy, a series of activities that help correct issues with the visual system.

Before we perform any vision therapy, we undergo a number of diagnostic steps to determine if there is a problem:

1. The first step toward diagnosing a vision problem is to identify the symptoms. Start by taking the Vision Quiz to determine if your student or child exhibits symptoms of a vision problem.

0=Never, 1=Seldom, 2=Occasionally, 3=Frequently, 4=Always

2. If the score is over 25 on the Vision Quiz, the next step is to contact us and schedule a Functional Vision Test. The Functional Vision Test is a comprehensive set of tests that help us determine what aspects of a visual system may be affecting a child. It is conducted by the vision therapists and developmental optometrists at The Vision Therapy Center. To learn more about the Functional Vision Test, click here.

3. If the test reveals a vision problem, we will recommend the appropriate vision therapy.

Want more information?

We’re here to answer any questions you have about vision problems. If you would like more information, here are a number of easy ways to get answers quickly.

  • Download our Vision and Learning guide. This PDF that provides an in-depth look at vision and learning, vision therapy, and adaptive tools for teachers. The guide details how vision skills can influence math, spelling, reading, and writing. Click here to download the Vision and Learning Guide.
  • Call us at 262-784-9201. We’re here for you as a resource, happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Submit a question. If you’d like, you may also submit a question through the form below and a representative from The Vision Therapy Center will contact you shortly.

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