The Optimal Care Program

Partnering to Deliver a Full Spectrum of Optometric Service


The Optimal Care Program is a special referral program between Wisconsin area optometrists and The Vision Therapy Center.

As developmental optometrists, The Vision Therapy Center primarily treats patients with binocular vision problems and specializes in vision therapy. We do not provide primary care optometrists for our patients, nor do we make eyeglasses.

In the same respect, many optometrists specialize only in primary care. They do not provide vision therapy for patients who suffer from binocular vision issues.

With the Optimal Care Program, we can work together to provide complementary services and a full spectrum of optometric service.

Partnership provides optimal care

Our partnership with fellow optometrists is based on a single, shared goal: To deliver the best possible care to our patients. It’s why we only partner with optometrists who can provide:

  • Exceptional Primary Care – Nearly ¾ of our patients and their families do not have a primary care optometrist. We refer them to our partnering optometrists who can provide the same high level of care that our patients have come to expect from us.
  • High Quality Optical Service – We refer patients to optometrists that are familiar with the special prescriptions we write, which can include a unique lens power and/or specific lens materials.

We look forward to working with you to provide quality eye care through the Optimal Care Program. To discuss becoming part of the program, contact Kim Jelinske at 262-784-9201, or email her at