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Six Surprising Reasons Why Your Child Hates School

Close Up of a Boy with Attitude

You hate to admit it, but it’s true:  Your child hates school. 

Now we’re not talking about the typical “I hate school” gripes from kids when they get too much homework or tough classes. 

No, we’re talking deep-seated hatred. 

Hatred that results in one or all of the following:

  • Non-stop complaining at home
  • Bad behavior in the classroom
  • Poor grades on the report card 

What’s most frustrating about this behavior is that your child is an intelligent person.  You know the smarts are there, but for some reason, they just won’t come out.

Not only is this a mystery to you, it’s a mystery to all the professionals you’ve consulted on the matter.  Teachers.  Doctors.  School psychologists.  You’ve tried all their solutions, but nothing seems to work.  In fact, they seem as frustrated as you are.

Don’t despair.  There may be a reason you’ll find surprising; one that continues to fly under the radar of parents, educators, and medical practitioners. 

And one that, we’re happy to say, can be corrected. (more…)

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Visit us at the St. Jacobi Wellness/Fitness Fair!

Our very own Kim Jelinske will be there!
Our very own Kim Jelinske will be there!

Stop by our booth at the St.Jacobi Evangelical Lutheran Church & School on January 28, 2011, from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.

St. Jacobi Lutheran Church invites families to its Fitness/Wellness Night. Learn about healthy habits at the fair’s kiosks, check out pedometers and walk a course, or take the exercise class offered in the gym. And of course, learn all you need to know about vision and learning!

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Two February Vision Therapy Presentations

Dr. Knueppel will make two presentations in February.

Dr. Knueppel will make two presentations in February.

We’re on the road again.

The Vision Therapy Center will be making two presentations in early February.  We’ll be at St. Paul’s Lutheran School (Feb. 3) and Immanuel Lutheran School (Feb.10).

Dr. Kellye Knueppel will discuss undetected vision problems and the critical link between vision and learning in her presentation “Vision Problems and Learning: Why Bright Students Struggle in School”. (more…)

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Why Christopher No Longer Struggles in School

Christopher is back on track.

Christopher is back on track.

A success story from a client at The Vision Therapy Center:

Christopher’s story begins like the stories of so many kids with vision problems. 

From the time he was very small, we knew something was not quite right, yet neither his teachers nor we could quite put a finger on what it was.  Visits to several medical professionals got us nowhere until we had the good fortune of being referred to The Vision Therapy Center. 

Strange symptoms

As a toddler, Christopher did not seem to enjoy being read to.  He would quickly get antsy and rarely made it to the end of even the shortest story. (more…)

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The Vision Therapy Center Lends Hand(s) at MedFest

An athlete shows his appreciation.

An athlete shows his appreciation.

Once again, The Vision Therapy Center staff reached out to help the Special Olympics.  In December, we volunteered at the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes MedFest.

MedFest is a Special Olympics Healthy Athletes® screening program that facilitates the required standard sports physical examination for current and prospective Special Olympics athletes. The Special Olympics General Rules require that all athletes who want to participate in Special Olympics must be examined by a physician or trained medical professional.

With the help of local volunteer health care professionals such as The Vision Therapy Center, MedFest provides people with cognitive disabilities the chance to participate in year-round Special Olympics sports training and athletic competition. (more…)

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