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How parents can identify vision problems

Creative Commons License photo credit: Martijn Dehing

In her latest podcast, Dr. Knueppel talks about the telltale symptoms for vision problems.  She discusses what kinds of questions parents should ask their children if a vision problem is suspected. 

VT Mar Podcast 2010

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Vision Therapy Helped Relieve His Migraines

Congratulations, Wesley!

Congratulations, Westley!

A success story from a client at The Vision Therapy Center:

Migraines were becoming a way of life for Westley. It is a good thing that we homeschooled because Westley would have a migraine five to seven days per week. We did as much school work as we could, and then he laid down in bed with a pillow over his head.

Of course, we tried everything from getting his eyes checked, to blood tests, an MRI, and neurologist appointments. The worst thing of all was the fact that there is no migraine pain medication for a person under the age of 12.

Westley was 8 years old when we finally found The Vision Therapy Center. (more…)

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